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this is Squid.Image

Ms. Sydney Tertius Pearl.

She has a penchance for handknits… Handknits that are left alone on the counter with burnt cheese on them.  ie. Squid has a (refined, if I do say so myself) taste for eating my handknit felted potholders.


And thus, we have no more potholders.  Mike has started using my linen dishtowels as potholders.  THIS IS A NO-NO.

I had to knit more potholders before I  lost any more tea towels!! (I also only have a colourwork project and a crazy complicated cable project on the needles.  Both of these are driving me crazy right now.  I need something simple to keep my brain happy.)


Basic recipe- take feltable wool and size 5ish needles and cast on 45 stitches.  Knit in garter stitch until 1/2 of yarn is gone. Cast of with sewn cast off. Crochet loop onto corner. x2.  Throw in washing machine on hot. Felt the crap out of them.  Use to remove hot things from oven so partner doesn’t yell about the inconsiderate destruction of linen tea towels.  MAKE SURE TO PUT UP AND AWAY FROM CUTE DOGS THAT HELP THEMSELVES TO THE CUPBOARD COUNTERS!!!

raveled here.


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