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I am prairie girl with the ocean in her heart. After the last 10 years on Vancouver Island, I recently moved back to Saskatchewan where the winters destroy my will to live, but housing is affordable and my partner and I could go to grad school. I really miss the sea stars and moon snails... and the barnacles...and the otters...and the limpits... and the hermit crabs...and the sculpin...and...and... Did I mention that I really miss the ocean? I am a giant toxicology nerd with an overwhelming passion for women's sexual health care and education. I sit on the board for the Saskatoon Sexual Health Centre where alternately to the opinion of many in this conservative community "we don't sell sex, we are publicly funded to provide it for free". :) I am the proud mother of a beautiful (and very busy) border collie fur-child. Mooknee ("moo-nee") also misses the ocean, especially the sand for digging and smelly seaweed for rolling. I have a wonderful partner who doesn't miss the ocean as much as us girls, since he gallingly likes the snow. He is a brave little toaster when it comes to crafting and is showing great promise as a 'stitcher'. I like to knit, sew, and cook/bake vegan food with equal passion. I also spin, weave, play with photography and generally dabble in all things craft. Especially if there is wine involved. I also really like this here innernets for stalking other crafty folk and being inspired by their great ideas.

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