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More Mojo!

Things are just flying off my needles.  Unfortunately, they are flying  ON them too- like this wonderfully addictive little stashbuster by cosmicpluto.

not so windy Turbulence

1/2 a turbulence?

My not-so windy-Turbulence cowl  details on Ravelry.


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Mojo returns?

I’m finally feeling very crafty again these days. I don’t know if it is the weather (boo winter) or finally being home with my own supplies or what, but I’m a crafting fiend as of late! I think it has more to do with actually being home.  I got home 2 weeks ago from my last set of electives and my rural family medicine rotation (13 weeks away from her own bed is enough to make anyone crazy!!) and I don’t leave again now until the CaRMS interviews begin in Janurary. I’m on psychiatry now, which means my days are pretty quiet- 830am to 530pm. I’ve been getting to the gym for a run 3-4x a week! I’ve been cooking real meals (not just popcorn for supper!) I’ve been hanging out with my partner! I feel like a normal person. It’s wonderful!

I’ve been trying (and succeeding!) to finish up some of the projects on my to-do list for 2011. it feels so good! My to-do list (ie. the pile o’ projects that is sitting behind my chair in the living room) is very large.  Too many bouts of start-itis and not enough finishing up.  Projects   that ran into a road block at some point in their making. But the strange thing is, they’re not even really big problems, just things that would take 10-15 minutes to puzzle through. Prime example?  My february lady sweater.
FINISHED Feb Lady Sweater

Ravelry tells me that I started this project November 2009.  I ploughed through the whole project in no time.   I skitched it out with less than a meter of  wool left to go.  It was blocked and done by the end of Dec 2009. Everything was coming up Kirsti. Those perfect 3/4 sleeves! The lovely purple-y tweed!  This was a winner!

Lovely Tweediness

I found the perfect-est buttons that matched the tweed to a t (from knitpicks- but it looks like they’re not carrying them anymore). I sat down to sew them on and then I realized that I had forgotten to make button holes.

forgotten. to. make. the. button. holes.

Okay.  deep breath. there are solutions here-

  1. I don’t need buttons- I could just use a sweater pin. Nope. That looks rediculous.
  2. I can sew on the buttons and use snaps underneath.  Nope. The wool pulls all funny and gapes weird.  I’ll have to sew on a ribbon facing to do that. Then the ribbon sticks out. ugh.
  3. I can do an afterthough button hole (from EZ’s Knitting without Tears).  Oh my G-d. I can cut my knitting and make an afterthought buttonhole…with less than a meter of safety yarn.

And so, with the buttons sewn on, my sweater sat for 1.8 years in the pile o’ projects behind my chair waiting for the moment when I would “take the time” to sit down and “figure this out”.   Well, that never happened.  Last weekend, I pulled it out of the pile and resolved to figure out the afterthough buttonholes and deal with it once and for all.  Except I didn’t. Figure out the afterthought buttonholes, that is.  While I was fiddling with it, I just sort of pushed the buttons through the other side of the fabric, forcing a make shift button hole. And it worked.  They look smooth and clean. Now, they are not functional as actual buttonholes, ie. for opening or closing the cardigan, but I don’t think I’d ever wear this sweater open anyways. And putting the sweater off/on is not that complicated- it’s just sort of like a pull over.

Buttons conquered!

2 years to push the buttons through the fabric.   Jeesh.

Lately, I’ve also been inspired to sew. I’ve been quiliting a little bit every morning when I get up before clinic. Sewing is so quick compared to knitting, like instant gratification! My sewing machine all of sudden started skipping stitches on friday though. I’ve worked through my manual and nothing seems to help. I guess it’s time to take it in to the professionals. I hope they can fix it- I don’t want to throw a wrench in my crafting groove!

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