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saskatoon bushes

there’s a whole lot of these out at Chief Whitecap Park right now: beautiful saskatoon berries baking in the sun, being gobbled by birds and waiting to be enjoyed by anyone willing to work a bit for them.

What do you do with them?

you pick them.

are they good to eat, you ask?
they think so.
can i have some?

I hope you do too. Guess what everyone is getting for festivus this year.

jam making notes- 4L (that’s about 16 c.) of saskatoons. 11/2 c. blueberry/pomegranate juice. 2 c. honey from the farmer’s market. 2 pkg. Bernardine Low sugar. Stewed to perfection following the instructions in the Bernardine packaging.
I use my aunt’s method of heating up the jars in the oven to 300degrees, heat up the lids in water on the stove top, add boiling jam to jars, put lids on, screw on the sealer and let cool. I do this because I don’t have a water-canner. You have to be quick and very careful not to burn yourself, but it works well and i’ve never had a problem with jars not sealing. Of course, I always make jam on a sunny day and that makes all the difference.

jam closeup


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In my own defense- I was not
a) drunk in the real sense of the word (ie. too many libations)
b) my shortrows are actually perfect and not the problem here.

Last night I stayed up late waiting for Mike to arrive safely to Regina through a massive thunderstorm. I started a new pair of Fibertrends clogs for my uncle. I was congratulating myself on excellent ahead-of-time festivus preparation and good usage of random scraps of Patons Merino from my stash.

yes the colours kind of put your teeth on edge, but I can promise that the recipient will be all over their garish combination.
So, all happy with myself, feeling pretty confident since I’ve knit this once before, I cast on and got started. I fired up itunes and dug in to listen to old episodes of Cast-on. I was just flying along, toes a-tapping.

Heel looked good. Scary garish colours, but still everything was just fine.

the top looked great. all my little shortrows were lined up exquisitely.
on the whole, everything was going smashingly.
Then I switched to the smaller sized circular and something felt wrong.

Let’s go in for a closer look shall we? See anything strange there? look closely at the join where the split in the heel is relative to the rest of the foot.

Still think everything’s okay?
Take a look at how many stitches there are on the right hand side of the join.

that would be 4 + the slip stitch.
Now. Take a look at the number of stitches on the left hand side of the join.

that would be eleventy- billion.

my perfect short rows are about 8 stitches off centre.

Damn you Brenda and your rediculously entertaining pod-cast.

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