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Today there was mail!

Well packaged mail! from The Small Object

I mean, seriously…the cutest packaging ever.

I bought 2 vintage twine holders and a pencil box.

Because, well, because they’re really cute people who will hold my yarn!

isn’t that the happiest yarn holder you’ve seen in your life?
for G-d’s sake. he’s wearing a top hat! all jaunty like!

Now there’s actually a reason for these cute little fellas- Inspired by the folks over at Mason-Dixon Knitting recently, I started the Lace Ribbon Scarf from Knitty.

It is a beautiful river of soft chocolate that makes me so happy to knit. EXCEPT! that the lovely washable wool that I’m knitting it with is in a cone.

A cone that bounces around all over the place and falls on the floor and picks up dog hair and lint and crap. This does NOT make me happy to knit.

Now the offending cone of yarn will be well ensconced in a happy twine holder and I will be happy ALL THE TIME! well, at least while i’m knitting this scarf.

Also- photos of the cute pencil box

In other exciting news-
the garlic chives are all blooming!
Which means: Garlic Vinegar! So pretty and so yummy for salad dressing!


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