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Mike and I went on a little ‘holiday’ to celebrate the end of his classes and the end of my job.

It started with the obligatory self-photo shot in the car.

We first made a very important pit-stop.

Did you know it’s ‘illegal’ to take photos inside of a SK liquor board store?  How silly is that rule.

We then mosey-ed on up the road to Rouleau.   You might know it better as

Dog River: home of everyone’s favourite gas station

It totally doesn’t look like a set.  I was really surprised to find out that the gas station and Ruby’s Diner were actually built for the show.  They totally look like they are re-constituted local landmarks.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about check this out.

From Rouleau, we went on to Moose Jaw where we spent a night at the Temple Garden’s Spa hanging out in the pool with ALOT of seniors and prentending we were more fabulous than we are.

The best part was the hotel room

with the king sized bed.  We figured out that the room with the bathroom and entrance actually had a larger square footage than our entire house.

The view from our balcony was lovely too…

Part of our ‘package’ was tours of the tunnels.

THIS WAS SO COOL.  Like many towns/cities in the prairies, Moose Jaw was riddled with underground tunnels that led all over the city.  They were originally built usually to move supplies to hotels, restaurants and stores from the CP stations.  Over the years they got forgotten about, boarded up and generally most people assumed that they didn’t exist.  One day, about 15 years ago, a car fell into the road on man street and ta-da! the tunnels were rediscovered.  They have created tours around them, cataloguing some local and national history in a very fun way. THe Chicago Connection was really fun and it talks about the possible connection with Moose Jaw and Al Capone’s Rum-runners in the 20’s. The Passage to Fortune is really sad and terrible.  It covers how 100’s of thousands of Chinese men (mostly) came to Canada from the 1880s to the 1940s seeking fortune and were treated HORRIBLY by local and national governments, business people and locals.

If you have any interest in Canadian History, I highly suggest making a visit.

Moosejaw is a lovely city.  They have preserved all the old buildings downtown, gutting them and creating a really neat area with old architecture and new shops and cafes.  For a while, Moose Jaw, Saskatoon and Regina were all vying for the capital of the Province.  Moose Jaw is a really wonderful place.

We enjoyed it very much.

We had snacks at Coffee Encounters on Main St.

We wandered around 3 quilting/knitting shops.

We bought really good fudge (and that’s saying alot because I really HATE fudge).

We had lunch at

Which according to Craig, Mike’s roomate in Regina, is the best Celtic pub west of Newfoundland.

(he might have a slight bias, being that he is from NFLD).

We ran into some of Mike’s friends from Regina, also out to the Spa for the day.

Nothing says holiday like being mostly drunk by 2pm in the afternoon.

We ate lemon squares that were ALMOST as good as those from the Rhineland Bakery in Victoria.

We wandered around some more and met a very interesting man.

This is Chris Weber of CWStringworks.  He repairs stringed instruments.  In the above photo he is standing with his 9th mandolin that he rebuilt.  It was beautiful and so was the music that he shared with us.  He is also part of a fun celtic band called Crofter’s Revenge.  If you ever need any stringed instrument repair, he is your guy.

The holiday wasn’t just about eating and wandering, it was of course all about knitting!

I finished a gift for a former colleague and her new baby

These are Saartje’s booties (pdf) and they are so cute they make me want to have babies, just so I can put them in them.

I also made her the tulip bib from One Skein by Leigh Radford and gave her a bottle of Nutrimetics Baby wash.

This is almost the end of the Cotton Ease, and thank G-d.  I will be so happy to have it out of my stash for good.

I finally got started on my first Rocking Socks Club package of 2008.  And I’m so in love.  The best part about this whole thing is that they send me colours that I normally would never choose and it forces me to knit outside my comfort zone.  Yay!

Um… there was also some yarn purchasing.

Mike lives 3 houses down from

and they carry

You can clearly see that I am being positively influenced by the Blue Moon folk in my new colour choices.

All in all, a wonderful whirlwind holiday.


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secret plans

i’m not very brave when it comes to sharing my hopes and aspirations and plans with the public.

I wish I were because i know that sharing fears and taking about hopes is helpful and half the fun of having plans. I always feel that if I share my hopes and plans and things don’t work out then I’ll be known as the girl who failed. or who flaked out on whatever it was that I was doing. This year, since I left my master’s in october has been all about transition, waiting, planning and waiting.

When mike and I moved to SK last spring for me to start my Master’s and to prepare for him to start his in the fall, I knew somehow that the choice that I was making, going into the lab that I did and working with the supervisor that I did, was wrong. It just didn’t feel right. I knew I didn’t want to teach in the school system again, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I like going to school, I like the idea of being an academic so I figured why not.
Alot of my life has been like this: I don’t know what I want to do, but I don’t know if I don’t want to do that, so ‘why not’?

The only thing that i ever truly wanted to do and could see myself ‘doing’ for the rest of my life was being a doctor.
I have always been CERTAIN that I was not smart enough to do that. I failed chemistry in the second half of first year. and got a d in physics. I held a solid B+ average for 3 years. Pre-meds don’t have solid B+ averages. I wasn’t good enough. I wasn’t hardcore enough. I was surely meant to do something else. I just had to accept that an figure out what it was that I was ‘supposed’ to do, if it wasn’t medicine.

As the summer started and I felt progressively more icky about my situation with my supervisor. I did some secret things, “just to see” what might happen. I wrote a letter to the College of Medicine in Saskatoon requesting special permission to apply (this is because of B.Ed program not being a ‘full’ academic program because of the internship according to their criteria, you have to have been in a full academic program for 2 years to use your grades for admission. it’s not a big deal they were fine with it. anyway.)

Then I spent alot of money and signed up to write the MCAT.

and I did really well. like scary really well for the first time writing it. especially since i hadn’t taken basic chemistry and physics in over 8 years.

so i applied to the college of medicine in october, ‘just to see’, and waited.

In april, I got an email for an interview for March 15th. On March 15th, I had my ‘interview’ (it’s the new multiple mini interview process that you can read about here if you are interested).

I had fun in the interview. I actually had alot of fun, in a weird twisted gut nerve wracking way.

and I waited.

And yesterday I got a letter offering me a seat in the incoming class for August 2008.

I’m going to medical school. I’m going to be Dr. Ziola.

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A happy International Day of the Midwife to all.

a couple of links for your interest and empowerment

http://www.trustbirth.com (please take 3 minutes and watch ‘IMAGINE’)




and just to keep it the craft content up-
my favourite midwife

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