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One of my ‘big things’ for the new year is sorting. Sorting and dealing with all the ‘stuff’. The paper, the fabric, the wool, the books: what mike calls the frou-frou. This means the crap and the usable ‘stuff’. With a house as small as ours (640sq feet), the clutter takes over super fast, even at very small concentrations. I think it’s a ratio thing. Maybe if our house wasn’t the size of a closet, we could hold more frou-frou without being horribly overwhelmed.

Anyhoo. To deal with the clutter, i needed a plan to sort the crap from the usable, and then a place to put the usable so it was actually usable and wasn’t always in the way.

Problem: our ‘dinning room’ is my ‘office’ where I meet my students (so i need have all my tutoring supplies close by) as well as my ‘craft room’ (so all my fabric, wool, sewing machine, serger, patterns, etc… also need to be close by). It’s really frustrating to have to move EVERYTHING to our bedroom when my students come or we want to eat, especially in the middle of a project. It’s also frustrating to have to lug a half dozen science/math textbooks, paper, calculators, etc… around anytime I want to sew or eat supper. On to my ever faithful solution: more shelving.

I have a thing for shelving. I loves me some shelving. If my house wasn’t 640sq feet, I’d have wall to wall shelving on all the walls, like we built into one wall here (please excuse the scary face that I am making, it’s because of the awful, evil, horrible cotton socks that I was making and will blog about soon):

um. okay. maybe my love of shelving stems from the fact that i may have a problem with books. i’m willing to admit it and if i wanted to…i could totally quit anytime…really i could…but..well, i don’t want to. so um. More shelving for books?

no. I digress. New shelving! For the multi-using of the room not more books . right. focus.

I had been looking around alot the last couple of months for something that would actually fit in the room, look semi-nice, not be pine/particle board or cost a zillion dollars. Apparently these are difficult qualities to find all together. After much searching, in stores and online, I found these online at staples. WITH FREE SHIPPING!
ta da!

I’m so in love with them. They fit the look of our house so well! I can’ wait to fill them up with organization! Look at how uncluttered my table is! CAN YOU EVEN STAND IT? THE LACK OF CLUTTER!

So even though I’m a little behind with my ‘plan’, it’s a good start.


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Bad blurry self-photo taken by my aunt who, this photo completely not-withstanding, is actually an amazing photographer.

Louet Gems Merino, 2.75 mm
Rib and Cable Socks by Nancy Bush from Interweave Knits Fall 2005



pattern from interweave knits online. Made with random handspun and store bought wool/ wool blends on 2.75 mm needles.


Voted as “Livejournal’s Sock-kit-swap ugliest socks“. Birthday gift for Mike’s dad. Bob has repeatedly told me that he loves them and doesn’t think I’m colourblind. Basic ribbed sock pattern. 85% wool, 15% nylon. 2.75mm needles.

There is NOTHING WORSE than yarn that looks good in the ball but secretly has orange and black fake-fair isle hidden inside.

so i ripped out the icky stripes in the yarn leftover from Bob’s socks

and made these for ariane
Basic sock pattern with cable rib 2.75mm needles. 85%wool, 15%nylon


Summer socks for a boy with broken feet.
Mike has to wear hiking boots all summer due to an awful car accident 5 years ago. With these socks, at least, he doesn’t have to fold his socks into his boots when he wears his shorts. Basic ribbed sock pattern, 15% silk (because he chose it and how do you say no to a broken boy who wants silk?), 5% nylon, 80%wool, 2.75 mm needles.
Mother’s Day bed socks for a mum who has cold feet. 2.75mm needles Basic rib sock pattern. 80% wool, 20% nylon


Jaywalkers from Magknits. 85% wool, 15% nylon 2.75 needles. Just a note on these socks- they are huge! I followed the instructions for the size that was supposed to fit my measurements and ended up ripping them out and making the smallest size. They are still loose on me. If you make these, GO SMALL.


Birthday Socks for the cutest red-head in town. Yarn gifted from
jen kim‘s stash 80%wool, 20%nylon. 2.75mm needles. Basic ribbed sock pattern made extra long for Katie’s *cough* dainty ‘japanese princess’ feet.


Socks for friend Maija and her partner Barbara. Basic rib sock pattern
15%silk, 5%nylon, 80%wool. 2.75mm needles


SIP (Sock in Progress?) for Bob (Mike’s dad)
85% wool, 15% nylon (random leftovers from several balls)Not “award winningly” ugly like the first pair I made him. 🙂
It actually makes me sad that he likes the ugly ones as much as these!


Sushi roll of sock-goodness for my ‘grandma’ Dinny.
6.5mm needles, Patons Classic Merino.
Basic stockinette sock pattern modified from ‘Cable Footies’ in One Skein by Leigh Radford

Here’s to wishing everyone a 2008 full of good yarn, warm socks and sharp needles.

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