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After a terrible week of awfulness (and expensiveness) two weeks ago, I kind of fell into a hole. If you want to read about my nasty car accident experience and the *insert sarcastic voice here* lovely week that surrounded it, please go here.

With all the ick, i have managed to complete a few holiday things- namely Mike’s birthday present.

I’ve always wanted to do something a littly art-ier, for lack of a better word. I have a really hard time with “art“. The scientist in me thinks most art is useless and pretentious. The creative critter in me sees some art partially as beautiful inspiration, but more and more lately as the product of a process that is very important. Now, I’m sure that doesn’t make any sense at all, but I’ll try to explain. I’m realizing more and more that things aren’t about the product. Especially when it comes to most ‘art’. Most ‘art’ sucks. and is pretentious. and rediculous. But real art is about the art-process and the feeling that went into the making, not what came out of it. Now the product is a nice reward. Especially if it is pretty, or useful or inspiring. But really the product is just a snapshot of the process.


So… mike’s b-day present….
About 3 months ago, we watched the last temptation of christ from the library. (this is going to be the most random story- i’m very sorry). This is a very good movie. Even if you are not of the jebus- believing persuasion. William Dafoe does a great job as a jesus, playing a simple, tortured man with greatness/notoreity thrust upon him by one of many possible higher powers: either god, the rabbis of the synagogue or a very dreamy pontius pilate played by David Bowie.

We started talking about the idea of christ and who he was. You know, a regular old ‘was he really a magical demi-god sent here to die on a cross, so that we can all live eternally in heaven’ or ‘was he a political revolutionary twisted by the church to be used as a figurehead’ or ‘was he simply a man who felt that that the world around him that he believed in, was twisted and corrupted and had to take a stand against it’ kind of conversation. I am of the latter two persuasions, not being so into the whole ‘magical man here to absolve me of invisible sin’ thing.

I was saying how I felt that what christ did, as a political figure, was a very strong thing. i believe he was simply a man who was brave enough to stand up and not only voice his belief that the system was corrupt, but to offer solutions and inspiration to others.
I think that being brave enough to do something is the hardest thing that we all have to do everyday.


m- bday


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what’s a girl to do when she’s wired and it’s 1030pm on a Friday night?

Party, you say?

vintage fabric

now, doesn’t that just scream unruly late nights, up to no good?

Due to an unfortunate stimulant-containing medication taking decision (note to self: there’s a reason it says don’t take after 5pm on the Rx slip), I was up all night last night, doing laundry and cutting out a new shirt.

cutting out new shirt

I’m all about wendy lately. Her patterns are just awesome. They are adjustable, they are easy to follow and most importantly they fit. Can you even imagine?You can hear me gush all about my first built by wendy (Simplicity 3835) here.

simplicity 3692

This new shirt (Simplicity 3692) may be for my sister in law and it may be for me. (One of the nice things of having the same measurements as someone else!) I’ll only have to decide at the last minute, when I hem it, since she is about 5 inches shorter than me! Although, I don’t think I’ll follow the pattern exactly for either of us, as I don’t think that you can get away with that elastic at the waist if you aren’t super slim and wee teeny. As in, if you are over the age of 9 or aren’t a Twiggy-esque supermodel.

It’s really hard to make things for someone else, especially when it comes to clothing. I really like these 2 patterns and i can see her wearing either cut. I think that the vintage fabric suits her as well, but you never really know when you look at something, whether the other person is actually going to wear it. I would never want to make her something and then have her dislike it and then feel obligated to wear it.

Good thing I don’t have to decide until the last minute!

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