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Quiet Weekend

This last weekend was less than crafty on many levels. This was due to a raging head cold of snot and a friend (who can be found here and here) in need of some emotional and physical support. Both of which i was happy to acquiesce my weekend to.

Anyhoo, I did do a few things. I rummaged through the garage for my
I fought with the tension for a while
and managed to come out on top!
perfect seam!
So i worked on a top secret birthday project for a while. Photos to come once the belated birthday gal receives it!

I also hemmed a pair of pants. Now, at 5 ft. 7 inches, one of the blessings of my stature is that it’s not often that i need to hem a pair of pants. What with the canadian dollar being what it is, i bought another pair of flannel lined pants. No judgement from anyone if you please. With the -35 (with windchill) weather we had today, 78$US is NOT TOO MUCH TO PAY FOR PANTS
So i got my pants which i lurve but the flannel that they lined them with is really garish. Not something i usually expect from j.crew.
bleh. flannel ick.
J. Crew usually makes their flannel lined pants a bit long so that you can roll them up and show off the lining, but in this case it looked terrible.
so i hemmed them.
and then realized that it’s really hard to get photos of your feet and hem lines when you live alone most of the week.
after some creative photo-play, this is the best i could come up with.

this week: getting holiday knitting under control, preparing for hanukkah, studying for my final.


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gnomes by Wil Huygen

This has long been a favourite book of mine. My parents bought it for me when I was young and I’ve spent many hours pouring over it. The voice is gentle and instructional and the illustrations are amazing.
There is alot to know about gnomes.
their geographical ranges
geographical range
i was very sad to see that there are no gnomes in SK- but perhaps this was a due to a lack of a thorough field study.
their diet is very similar to mine (vegetarian, supplemented with eggs and a bit of dairy)
As a budding biologist, i was very interested in their physiology
7x as strong
Especially this bit
as an 11 year old with a C cup, the thought of having ‘a substantial bosom’ but being able to ‘go through life unencumbered by a brassiere’ was a very attractive one.

Anyway. Last weekend hillary from weewonderfuls was looking for pattern testers for her new gnome pattern. of course i jumped at the chance!

here he is in his natural habitat.

this little guy is going to head off to BC this week, to a brand new baby in Duncan who needs to learn all about gnomes.

It is a very easy sew, in fact it only took about 1/2 hour to cut out all the pieces, and 45 minutes to sew together. The stuffing and invisible seaming took the longest and is the reason i’m only finally posting this here today.

Hillary has the pattern for sale here.

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last week i was inspired by soulemama to run right out to fabricland. Amanda posted about a new shirt she had made and wasn’t too happy about. I completely disagreed with her! I so wanted her shirt.
Now, I haven’t sewed clothing in forever. And I haven’t sewed clothing alot because the process has scared me. I love fabric and have a tendency to collect it and then be afraid of making anything out of it in case it’s not ‘perfect’ and i ‘waste’ the fabric.

As an aside, i do this alot in my life. Not just with sewing. With knitting, with paper crafts, with photography. I have all these ideas about things, i collect the materials and then i’m too afraid to do anything with them in case i ‘wreck’ it. I have even gone as far as to cut things out but haven’t been able to take them to the sewing machine or serger for fear of wrecking them. I even have this problem with bought clothes too. I buy new clothes (rarely! since i hate shopping and since i am a poor student!) and then i’m afraid of wearing them because they are ‘too nice’ and might be ruined.
no more, i said to myself. this is a cute shirt. fabric is fabric. there will always be more fabric. 🙂
I bought some random quilting fabrics (on a rediculous sale- it must have been fate for me to go to fabricland that day), since those seem to be the only nice cottons available to me here in Saskatoon. And I cut it the pattern while the fabric was pre-shrinking in the dryer.


As soon as the dryer was finished. I cut it out.

cut out

The fabric isn’t as ‘grape-y’ as it seems in the next photo. But it does have bees and ladybugs!


Now this is the point where my panic usually starts to set it. It’s cut out and now if i start sewing, i’m just going to ruin it. i have a skirt, a dress and a shirt all cut out and waiting in a box to be sewn for this reason.

I screwed up my courage and sewed.

i know this probably isn’t a big deal for most people. but for me it really is.

i sewed.

and i created the greatest shirt ever.

mike helped me with a *ahem* photo shoot. You can’t see the shirt all that well (mike- you’re an artist! i love you! I won’t question your art!) but i think you can see how much i love this shirt. I’ve worn in for 2 days straight.

even mooknee thinks it’s great.

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So I woke up yesterday morning…


is it dust?





not enough to cover the world with blankets of clean. just enough to make the roads icy and sloppy. just enough to get my cuffs wet. just enough to make my trip to work cranky.

but also just enough to soften the edges.

edges softened

morning light

just enough add a little texture.

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I have been tagged by my friend jen. I’m supposed to list six things that have made you happy recently.

I’m going to use this as an opportunity to practice with flickr.

1. studying


I really enjoy taking classes and learning new things. I get super excited about facts and interesting science tidbits. I had a midterm this am and I actually enjoyed myself, preparing for it and writing it.

2. Multi-coloured pens, sharpies and highlighters.

mutli-coloured love

I am and always will be a science nerd at heart. These are the tools of my trade.

3. My birdfeeder

I put up a feeder in the front 3 weeks ago and I have been very stressed out (yes, I know- I’m weird that way) that the birds wouldn’t find it before it got cold. They found it.

nuthatch 1

We’ve been a regular 2.99$ special buffet around here lately.

nuthatch 2

Nuthatches, junkos and chickadees mostly.

nuthatch 3

They’re hard to photograph, they’re so quick.

nuthatch 4

They make me very happy.



4. This is a combination- Library, books on tape and ipod.

books on tape

Since I started knitting obsessively 3 years ago, I kind of gave up my other great passion- reading. I recently discovered the joy of books on tape. I can use my hands to knit and still ‘read’ a story. GREATEST INVENTION EVER. Also the Saskatoon library has the greatest books-on-tape catalogue ever. There are perks to living in a province with alot of seniors. This means I get to go ‘read’ all these books for free! WOOHOO!

5. New shoes

I have the hardest time ever finding shoes that don’t give me blisters. Ask any of my friends who have been gifted expensive practically new hiking boots and shoes. Apparently, I have a ‘very European’ foot, which means I have most of my foot to between my heel and ball of my foot and very short toes. I have wide feet, a deep instep and a weird bump on my heel of my right foot that causes blisters when I even look at shoes other than flipflops or crocs. This problem hasn’t been a huge deal for me for the last 10 years. Living in BC meant that I could get away with flipflops or crocs or rubber boots, year round, without a worry. Now, with a prairie winter on the way, I felt I probably was tempting fate to avoid getting ‘big girl’ shoes any longer.

I searched high and low. I tried on many cute shoes that didn’t fit. I cried a little and I found:
shoes 1 shoes 2 shoes 3

London by Birkenstock. I may never win any fashion awards, but damn are they comfy. They don’t touch my feet, they fit and I’m a happy camper.

Also in the above photos- reindeer wearing christmas sweaters flannel-lined pants from j.crew which totally count for things that make me happy 5.5

6. Good food

I kind of fell off the food wagon lately. I still eat really healthy veggie food, but for the last month it’s been reheated soups. I have a tendency to make 10L+ of soup at a time and then freeze it to eat over the week while Mike is gone. Now this is fine, but kind of boring.

My friend Crystal has recently reminded me how good (and easy!) vegan cooking can be. I’ve made 3 different stirfries in the last 5 days. HAVE I BEEN MISSING OUT!

stir fry

this is the best of the bunch- tofu fried in garlic, with steamed (but still crunchy! oh so important!) peas, broccoli, spinach and celery, on brown rice with Ashley M’s ginger peanut sauce.

Usually everything is just a vessel for the peanut sauce, but this certainly held it’s own.

I also haven’t been baking alot lately. My mum bakes alot and has been giving it to us. I don’t really like a lot of starch, but I do like my baking. With all of mum’s baked goods around (that I actually don’t want to eat because I don’t like- shh don’t tell!) I haven’t wanted to add to it with my own baking. I miss my baked goods and that was oh so evident on Saturday morning when I whipped up these


…and then promptly ate 3.

Dear Good food, welcome back into my life.

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A new blog for a new part of me

Call it a quarter-life crisis or what have you (at almost thirty, maybe that should be a 1/3 life crisis, but hey I’ve always been a late bloomer) but I’m jumping on the crafty blog-wagon. I spend a good 1/2 hour of my day catching up with the blogs of others that inspire me with their crafting (see sidebar). I don’t want to do this to put myself on other people’s blog rotations for some sort of notoriety, and I don’t think that’s why most of my favourite bloggers do this either. I think that a craft-blog is not only a great way to keep a tally of projects and ideas but a way to share a large part of my life in a non-presumptuous way. I don’t think I’m the most innovative person to pick up sticks out there, checking some the other blogs I have linked on the sidebar will probably prove that, but I am crafty and creative. I want to share my passion for crafting with everyone in the way that so many others have shared their passion with me.

I’m also excited to learn new things. I’m a total techniphobe, really. For all the time I spend on this here innernets, I really don’t feel comfortable posting photos, writing code or any of that other stuff. I’m hoping that by having a blog, I’ll force myself to learn these things. Because really, who wants a blog that isn’t purty?

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